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Biology is the science that studies living organisms. Prior to the nineteenth century biology came under the general study of all natural objects called natural history. It is now a standard subject of instruction at schools, colleges and universities around the world. Over a million papers are published every year in a wide array of biology and medicine journals. Biology examines the structure, distribution, origin, growth, evolution, function and classification of all living things in the world.

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Main Topics:- Cell Theory | Evolution | Gene theory | Energy | Homeostasis | Acclimatization | Allostasis | Apoptosis | Biological Rhythm | Claude Bernard | Cybernetics | Enantiostasis | Gaia Hypothesis | Health | Homeorhesis | Milieu Interieur | Metabolism | Osmosis | Protobiont | Self-Organization | Aging |Steady State | Physiology of Animal | Physiology of Plants | Classification of Animals | Ecology | Morphology | Reproduction etc.

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