Programming Languages

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Programming Languages

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Programming Languages

Programming Language is the language used to write the programs for computer. It is divided into 3 parts:

Machine Language: Machine language is the language that computer understands. It is the lowest level language in the form of Binary 1 and 0. 1 in machine language represents ON and 0 represents OFF. The programming in machine language differs from one machine to another but program written in machine code is very fast as compared to other languages. It is the first generation language.

Assembly Language: Assembly languages are the symbolic languages which use abbreviations or mnemonic codes. For Example ADD A, B. These languages are easy to use as compared to machine languages but same like machine language it is also machine dependant. It is the second generation language.

High Level Language: The languages such as COBOL, FORTAN, BASIC, C, C++ etc are called High level languages. High level language is further sub divided into following languages.

Procedure oriented or Third Generation Language: Languages come under Third Generation is BASIC | COBOL | FORTAN | PASCAL | C | C++ | Java | etc.

Problem oriented or Fourth Generation Language: Languages come under Fourth Generation is Report Generator, Query languages, Decision support system, Application software etc.

Natural Language or Fifth Generation Language: Languages come under Fifth Generation is LISP, PROLOG etc.

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